Got That Sticky Icky (Mango Rice)

It’s finally here. No more need to hunt down disappearing bootleg videos of Milli eating mango sticky rice on stage at Coachella. 88rising just dropped the official audio of the track on Spotify and Youtube for the hungry masses. The visualizer features artwork by Kat Pongtornpipat, channeling enough Ghibli vibes to make you want to eat cartoons.

Milli broke the interwebs when she performed the previously-unreleased “Mango Sticky Rice” at the end of her four-song set, topping it all off by snacking on stage in front of countless fans. The track and her performance went viral, trending all over and making sales of the Thai treat skyrocket here at home.

The cut mixes hard beats with a kawaii delivery as a vehicle to introduce Thai culture to the world and clarify a few things. 88rising “wanted us to make a track that represents Thailand so we settled on mango sticky rice, which is my favorite dessert,” she told Chanun Poomsawai in a recent interview. “Sticky rice also symbolizes the bond between me and my family because we always stick together.” During the performance she mocked the stereotype that Thais ride elephants, critiqued underdevelopment in Bangkok, and panned corruption. She even earned some praise from Thai officials for the spotlight she was able to direct towards the country.

But most of all the track just slaps. It’s mad fun. Definitely another glow up for the young star.