Jagajaga 'Funkot666 Vol. 3'

Get Ready For A Mindfuck

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. Indonesian electronic music producer Jagajaga makes music that will make your brain bleed, dragging the rave to hell along the way. His newest release, Funkot666 Vol. 3, is no exception.

He takes the grassroots Indonesian dance music funkot into anarchic territories. What was once a fairly positive Southeast Asian take on house music blended with Indonesian dangdut is now a corrupted breakcore mess with serrated, rusty edges and pummeling kick drums… And it’s highly addictive.

He says that when people recently started reinterpreting of the genre, they were often goofy, singalong versions of it. “People from different classes were sort of making fun of it, using the sound as a gimmick or for laughs,” he explains. “It’s happy hardcore but there was a darkness to it because of its association with drugs.” He wanted to reclaim this unruly aspect sonically, and so the Funkot666 series was born. For Vol. 3, he recently discovered a digital archive of funkot tapes from the 90s and early 2000s called Kaset Remix that he drew most of his inspiration from.

Jagajaga also publishes a zine called Bad Soda Killer Acid that embraces the same angsty, nihilistic vibes as his music and cover art. So you can also peep that if you have yet to trash your worldview thoroughly enough.