What began as a fun way to support our friends has grown into a major wing of our Blaq Lyte brand. A pop up store has turned into a brand; gifts for the homies turned into a merch line; and our little side projects turned into collabs with major brands and businesses. Nowadays, clothing and accessories are a big part of our identity.


When Siam Discovery approached us back in 2018 to do a pop up, we thought it would be a cool way to bring our friends’ brands to the Thai public. This became the first iteration of Auntys Haus, which wasn’t a brand yet and just a pop up (named after the seven aunts who raised our founder, Nick Supreda). We were the first to bring a number of big names from the streetwear world to Bangkok, including Mike Sherman, the owner of Market (FKA Chinatown Market), Alex James from Pleasures, Daniel Bradshaw of StreetX, and Drew Byrd from 40s & Shorties. So we pooled all these connections together and launched the store. Eventually we dropped some shop merch and it sold out right away, so we decided to turn it into a brand.

Since then, we’ve done collabs with friends like musician and artist Mew Supasit, Japanese brand Nana Nana, and e-sports team Bacon Time. We were the first Thai brand to be sold on Hypebeast store HBX. We’ve expanded into house wear and skateboards, a cannabis line called Auntys Flower, and a vintage label called Cosmo Vibrators. While the original pop up is long gone, the spirit lives on with Blaq Lyte Shophouse, our new store at Siam Discovery.


Our merch game is just as heavy. Just because it’s merch doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously. At first, we were just making clothes as gifts for our friends, but fans kept asking where they could get some too, so we obliged. These days, the merch is a major part of our output. To celebrate the year of the ox, we made a drop themed “Save beef eat humans.” We’ve done collabs with everyone from Pleasures, to Disney’s Cruella, to Buriram E-Sports. There are Blaq Lyte muay thai shorts and kimonos, bike messenger bags and fishing hats, socks and shirts. The only limit we give ourselves is our imagination.