Rave Away, My Friends. Rave Away

It’s officialβ€”the rave is back. It’s been a long couple years, but some sense of normalcy is creeping into life. Syndikat has fully taken advantage of the more relaxed rules and brought the techno warehouse party vibes to Bangkok in full form.

Syndikat was started by Kartypartyy, a local Bangkok EDM stalwart who made his name playing festival dubstep. But he’s got techno needs too, and after a couple sold-out Kartypartyy And Friends tech-house parties, he set his sights on Syndikat. “We had been talking about Syndikat for a while now but couldn’t do it because of the pandemic,” he says. “We play tech-house, new techno, melodic techno, experimental techno, Berlin techno.” The line up featured Mendy Indigo, Kartypartyy, Maytaelu, Tj Tiesjungle, and heardbreakkid.

Complete with a top-of-the-line sound system by Funktion One and all-out lighting production by Nobik Studio, the Syndikat crew cut no corners. Located at an event space usually used for art exhibitions, the crowd were left to party freely without uptight rules. The crowd was looking good too, with lots of Y2K friendly low-waisted jeans and crop tops. You might even spot some Blaq Lyte fam in there too. The only drawback was the early timing due to nightlife regulations, but that didn’t keep many away. Clearly people were ready to get back to the rave, and Syndikat is here to provide.