It’s been a lot of fun writing about all the new electronic music coming out of Thailand, but there are so many more artists and tracks that we haven’t had a chance to cover and still love. So we decided to put together this lil playlist called Siamtronica. It collects many of our favorites together in one spot, but it’s not comprehensive at all. Rather than one of those sprawling lists that can be unwieldy and a bit difficult to listen to, we tried to keep a vibe through the whole thing—although it does cycle through a lot of styles. At 18 songs and nearly 90 minutes, it’s satisfying but pretty concise.

Many of the people here have been covered in the magazine as well. It begins with glittery instrumental rap beats from artists like Ralphy and sSlowly before moving on to more dubbed out, techy flavors with production from people including Chalo and Marmosets. It then moves into some irie reggae vibes and traditional Thai influences by the likes of Sounds Of Future Siam. A few of the artists from Pissawong Records bring the grimy electro-tinged heat and then the playlist ends on a deep and dark tip. The logo is courtesy of Filipina designer CMYKa. If you dig the vibes, be sure to follow along on our SoundCloud, where we collect even more music from Thailand and across all of Asia.

Sawat – “April”
Ralphy – “Is This Love?”
sSlowly – “Misser”
sSlowly “Fly Away”
Chalo – “Doppelganger”
Marmosets – “Rats”
Space360 – “Wrong”
Srirajah Rockers – “อย่าไห้เด้”
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band – “Exit Dub”
Apichat Pakwan – “Nam Ton Tad”
Sounds Of Future Siam – “Awaken”
Pisitakun – “MoMoNarNarChy”
Sidehouse Sunshine – “Invader”
Potted Plant – “InstallShield Wizard, Pt. 2”
AWYA – “Awya”
Marmosets – “Wild Africa”