Take It Slow, Chill For A Bit

Chill beats have always been relevantβ€”just look at the success of lofi shit to study to on the Tube. And with all of us spending an inordinate amount of time hanging out in doors in the past two years, they’ve become even more important. The amount of time spent inside has been fertile ground for bedroom producers, and 21-year-old sSlowly is a perfect example. His music is lush, full of deep sounds and bright synths, prodding along at it’s own pace. It’s unrushed by the madness outdoors and filled with dynamic percussion and serotonin-releasing melodies.

There are no clubs or night life in his home province in the south of Thailand. He says he’s learned everything online, mostly from Youtube tutorials and friends with mutual interests. “I’ve never had any experience with live shows at all,” he says. “It’d be a great opportunity to have though.”

When he was 15, sSlowly discovered EDM trap YouTube channels, launching his musical journey. When he was 17 he started making beats on FL Studio and has been addicted ever since. The pandemic happened to give him the boost he needed. “It actually allowed me to produce even more music because I had to stay at home for a long time. When I’m not on FL Studio, I’m just watching production tutorials or playing video games.” He’s also a digital artist and creates his own cover art with Blender.

With track names like “Leisurely,” “Relieve,” and “Solitary,” you quickly get the point. Crunchy boom bap beats and skittering future garage rhythms provide a bed for jazzy samples and plush synth work. Music like this certainly makes it easier to stay home and maybe even prefer it.