Channeling Thai Beat Through Rap

This page is now officially a Milli stan account. We barely took a breath since her viral Mango Sticky Rice antics and now this. The young artist has taken a homegrown electronic style of dance music and flipped it into a bouncy, bubbling rap cut called “Sad Aerobic”. Bold synth trumpet stabs and high pitched sonics are paired with motivational adlibs and hooks, while the video is a colorful lo-fi romp around random LA spots.

Called Thai beat or 3Cha, the music she draws inspiration from is similar to a lot of grassroots electronic dance music styles from across Southeast Asia. It’s very bright, a little cheesy, and a lot of fun. You can find old ladies doing aerobic exercises to 3Cha, dance to it in the club, listen to it spilling out of custom trucks at auto shows, or hear it blasting from mobile big rigs during parades in Buriam alongside luk thang country music.

Milli had hinted at the track in a recent interview and she definitely delivered some fire. Joey Boy had done something similar a few years back as well. We’d love for this to become a trend.