Thai Biomimicry

Humanoid creatures in an advanced state of evolution pose as if modeling in a fashion campaign, arching their exaggerated onyx eyes and striking a pose with elongated, well-defined limbs. They’re sheathed in opalescent garms based on sea shells that shimmer in a sleek animation or pitch-black crustacean exoskeletons that crunch and creak beneath hard-edged glitches. This advanced species is the most recent work of Thai 3D artist Araya Rujikanjanarat, a former graphic designer who made the leap into the art world in search of self-fulfillment three years ago.

Rujikanjanarat originally crafted logos, motion graphics, and more, all tailored to serve a specific purpose for a client; but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. “It was when I started infusing my work with my emotions that I experienced a kind of magic, a sense of being truly alive,” she says. Using the tools of her trade, she started building a new realm of passion. 3D art, in her eyes, is full of endless possibilities. “I can construct worlds, dreams, and life forms. I can bring entirely new creations into existence, all starting from a blank canvas!”

A fascination with nature is at the root of Rujikanjanarat’s style, which is full of designs that resemble aquatic life and insects, or objects modeled after distant, imagined landscapes. “I’m continually awestruck by the diversity of life and the incredible features of creatures in the natural world,” she explains. “I find myself pondering questions like why they are built the way they are or why they exhibit certain design elements. Every creature on this planet is uniquely crafted with a purpose, and that, in itself, is a marvel.”

This love for the natural world is fused with a science fiction sensibility inspired by the rapid pace of technological advancement in the real world, which ultimately takes the form of biomimicryβ€”the simulation of nature to create something new. “The future of technology and design will likely be influenced by organic elements,” Rujikanjanarat says confidently. “We draw inspiration from the ingenious solutions that nature has perfected over millions of years of evolution.” All this is fused with a recent love of fashion cultivated by her time spent in Milan.

Rujikanjanarat is still learning but has big plans for the future, and in the true spirit of speculative fiction, her vision sees no bounds: “I’d like to craft a fully immersive virtual reality experience, enabling users to interact with these environments in real-time.” In the meantime, she has her eyes set on closer goals. “I’m truly captivated by the sense of community that the music world offers. Creating motion visuals for musicians or events is an avenue I’m keen to explore. I envision a space where individuals can shed the constraints of the fast-paced world we live in and delve into a deeper, more profound experience.” No doubt she will build these new, rewarding multimedia worlds in the near future.