The Safe Upside Down

There are few better ways to peer into someone’s mind than through a painting. Yims’s pop surrealist paintings brim with the feeling of entering someone’s id, an exploration deep within someone’s memories and inclinations. Warped staircases lead up to warm skies, rays of light cast intricate shadows, soft fur and plush grass cover floors and creatures, and everything is coated in soft, bright pastels.

Yims’s acrylic paintings revolve around girls wandering leisurely in their natural states, with only their faces and sensitive areas hidden, wandering through fugue states populated with gravity-defying architecture, carnival aesthetics, ploofy animals, and bucolic swamp lands. Bold light sources create a strong sense of depth while softly faded skies reveal a never-ending state of dusk and dawn.

The girls that Yims creates are imbued with a sense of mystery as they lounge in psychedelic pools or play with her imaginary creatures. Their faces are never revealed while the animals romp freely about for all to see. Complex human expression is tucked away in favor of the straightforward nature of animals.

Yims (also known as Sasirapat Monnaphakphong) is building a world of pleasure. Soft textures, fades, and colors all combine to baby-proof this alternate real of escape. Gentle rabbits and weightless butterflies hop and flutter about while endless flights of stairs offer plentiful choices for progress. It’s a world where the artist and the viewer can both lose themselves in comfort and opportunity.