Eye Of The Tiger

Holographic themes and pastel colorways, chunky sneakers and pigtails, piles of snacks and alcohol containers, video game references and Y2K ephemeraβ€”not to mention big boobies and gratuitous upskirt shots. This is the artwork of Eyegirl, a Thai illustrator diving deep into the world of anime girls and hentai. “I’m a female artist who greatly enjoys drawing women,” she laughs. “But it’s not explicitly erotic art. It showcases a sensual appeal and emphasizes body proportions to enhance the allure of the artwork.”

Eyegirl, who goes by Namtip Prarinyaprasat in her daily life, started drawing in this style about four years ago and latched onto it because it gave her a sense of direction and personalization to her art. She’s been drawing all her life and was a concept artist at an animation company but felt stifled by it. “I wanted to create art that I truly loved in a style that resonated with me,” she says of the birth of Eyegirl, a name meant to highlight her passion for drawing both eyes and girls. “You can’t resist the power of these eyes. They will captivate you completely! I’ve found so much happiness and enjoyment in pursuing this passion.”

She says she’s enthralled by drawing curvy women and thinks it adds a charm difficult to achieve otherwise. Manga and anime were obvious sources of inspiration, particularly Sailor Moon. Video games rate high up there as well, especially Overwatch and the character D.Va. “The majority of the characters I create have a storyline related to some form of combat or seem to have emerged from a fighting game.” There are also health bars and pixel art, not to mention much love for 90s Tamagotchi culture.

Most of the Eyegirl characters are new creations, but you can find Easter eggs referencing past works. In one piece, a poster of another character is taped up on the wall in the background and there’s a phone in the pile of stuff on the floor where you can just make out the banner of her Twitter account. “I strive to find something that sets my works apart and makes them more intriguing and memorable,” she says in reference to the level of detail added to every piece.

The NFT world has been central to Eyegirl’s ability to strike out as a full-time, independent digital artist. “Most of my art has gained recognition through NFTs,” she says matter-of-factly. “It serves as another motivation for me to continuously improve and elevate the quality of my artistic style. I’ve learned so much. It’s contributed greatly to my personal growth and development, not just in terms of my artistic skills but also in various aspects of self-improvement.” She says it’s a community where everyone uplifts and encourages each other, one full of positive energy.

Her journey as Eyegirl has been a personal one, a path seeking out happiness and fulfillment from life, and she hopes her work will give viewers some of those same feelings: “Whenever you feel overwhelmed or bored, I hope my artwork can bring a burst of color and freshness to your day.”