Finish Him!!

When local brand IWANNABANGKOK approached Burin Pong about a solo show, he decided he wasn’t going to hold back. “For this project, I want to release my horniness,” he laughs. The show, which is called BKKBOI, is basically visual fan fiction where Ryu and Ken Masters finally stop fighting and start fucking, releasing all that latent tension in a personalized hentai. He’s been shipping 16-bit studs like these in hazy dreams since childhood. His early artistic inspirations were the body-building physiques of fighting game characters, and he eventually blended that with his interests in fashion and porn.

The pieces in BKKBOI are created with Photoshop and printed on cardboard. One is printed on denim with frayed edges, which was trimmed to resemble stretched cowhide. In addition to the cardboard prints, they’ve also printed Pong’s work on shirts and pants for a capsule collection. The show also features a ring and arm bracelet that he designed himself in collaboration with IWANNABANGKOK and his own brand, BR. The accessories can be spotted in all of his paintings as well.

The crossover with fashion and Y2K vibes paired with an overt sense of sexuality make Pong’s work a natural fit in the IWANNABANGKOK world. The show is the first to be held at their new flagship store, but they have a history of supporting artists. And originally the brand was just a series of stencils around town that captured the curiosity of many. Now they’re known as a youth-driven brand with an energetic and erotic vibe that supports many parts of the creative community.

Sweaty Fight

“I used to dress up a bit and really liked Y2K. I love this era,” says Pong. “It’s quite sexy and sensuous. But personally, I’m more of a vintage-style guy now.” His attachment to fashion permeates much of his life, even going back to childhood, when he’d choose characters in video games based on their outfits. “With porn too, I’m always checking out the clothing.” The BKKBOI pieces feature characters fitted in styles he enjoys like flared pants, low-waist trousers, leather materials, and DM-crystal presses.

Although Pong’s work is hyper-sexual, he’s not advocating that people have a lot of sexual encounters and is quick to point out that he’s never had sex either. “It doesn’t mean I want to have sex right now,” he explains. “I actually prefer to live my fantasies out through my drawings.”