The Rap Up

Once again, we welcome you to our semi-monthly rap wrap-up, collecting the best bars and beats from all across Asia for your listening pleasure. All Asian rap music videos, all the time. We got some of that R&B too, for good measure—can’t forget the smooth joints after all. We got the usual flames from Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan, but also some stuff from Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and more! We haven’t been posting this in the most uniform manner so far, but we promise to make it a smoother month-to-month update in the very near future. Bear with us, we promise it’s worth it 😈😈😈

🇲🇲🇺🇸LerMuDex- “After You”
🇰🇭Vannda – “Hanuman Nights”
🇹🇭Saran – “Lean Lover”
🇵🇭Cookie$ – “Ayg Pagbuot! feat. Omar Baliw”
🇹🇭Nino – “B&B feat. Ben Bizzy, OG Bobby”
🇰🇭Pou Lee – “ក្រមុំ Vs មេម៉ាយ | Vireak Nan​ ft. Boran x Tong”
🇯🇵Rirugiliyangugili – “Dangeraaaaa”
🇭🇰Novel Friday – “醉後 Black Out feat. Tsui Chin Hung”
🇯🇵Lana – “L7 Blues”
🇵🇭Aud – “3-4 Hours”
🇯🇵Eric.B.Jr – “Free Shimon”
🇯🇵JP The Wavy – “I’m From Japan”
🇯🇵Bad B & DJ Jam – “What U Want”
🇵🇭Di Lalim – “Winston Lee ft. Risman”
🇨🇳Akini Jing – “Pump Up”
🇵🇭O $ide Mafia, Tu$ Brother$ – “Crashing”
🇹🇭BaebiBetti – “Strawberry Summer”
🇯🇵7 – “Seven Eleven”
🇹🇭Lil – X
🇯🇵Vigormann – “Neon feat. Awich”
🇭🇰Haysen Cheng – “Legendary 傳奇人物 ft. KnowKnow”
🇯🇵No.dogs – “Chain Gang”
🇹🇭Pyra – “Cut My Tongue”
🇯🇵Nina Utashiro – “Better”
🇫🇷🇻🇳J2Lasteu, TK – “Bah Oui”
🇵🇭🇺🇸They Wanna Be Like? – Soulja444 x Mr. Laced
🇸🇬Fariz Jabba – Masuk
🇹🇭Rap Against Dictatorship – “ปฏิรูป (Reform)” [3rd re-upload]
🇱🇰🇺🇸Jay Princce – Power To The People