Xmas Club

We usually stay away from all things Xmas music, but luckily we put aside our biases to peep this Xmas pack by local producer Tanfa. It’s a hype Jersey club remix project made right here in Bangkok, full of crisply produced edits, and only one of the tracks is actually Xmas related.

The 25 year old producer has only been producing for two years now, waiting until he finished studying communications design at university to jump into it. When he first heard it, he didn’t even know what it was. During school he was DJing EDM for university events, and he’d often hear trap blended into club. “After a while I started recognizing the pattern,” he says. He was captivated by the sound, and it also appealed to his high school days, when he’d listen to American R&B and 90s rap.

He was invited to a private club Discord by Vietnamese-American producer Hazo, where he learned what the sound was and where it came from. Although there are no artists from Jersey on the global server, there are several Asian artists, including 808gong from Singapore.

Tanfa doesn’t know many producers here in Bangkok. While a small collection of Thai rappers have been exploring club beats, he’s not aware of any other producers working with it in the dance music context. He took some classes with 22Bullets, talks to Sawat, and recently played at a Headbanger event. But mostly he connects with people online. He started his own Discord server and hosted a virtual event, inviting DJs from all over the world to submit mixes, which he’d then create graphics for.

2023 is the year of original tracks for Tanfa. He wants to move beyond remixes and challenge himself to make tracks from scratch. “With remixes, you kind of have to retain a lot of the original track to catch attention from people who are familiar with them. I want to create something that’s totally mine.”