The Rap Up

Welcome to our inaugural rap wrap up, collecting the best bars and beats from all across Asia for your listening pleasure. All music videos all the time. And we got the R&B too for good measure, can’t forget the smooth joints after all. We got the usual flames from Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan, but also some stuff from Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, and more!

🇰🇭Tempo Tris – “No More Fake Friends”
🇲🇾Airliftz – “Honest”
🇱🇦Horlock – “ຫຍັບອອກ (Yup Ork)”
🇵🇭🇦🇺RINI – “Haunt Me”
🇵🇭YB Neet – “Alab ng Puso”
🇹🇭Autta – “เธอบอกว่าฉันคือ”
🇹🇭🇰🇭OG Bobby – “Bong Feat. VannDa”
🇵🇭Kiyo – “Glasshouse”
🇹🇭Young J – “Everyday”
🇵🇭🇺🇸8rae – “Lost Cause”
🇹🇭Diamond MQT – “Victoria’s Secret”
🇰🇷P. Cassady – “D.I.M.E”
🇵🇭Santo, Eja – “Diosanto Freestyle”
🇹🇭T!NE – “ขี้เหงา (Lonely)”
🇮🇩Davidbeatt – “Temanku Sayang”
🇨🇳Melo – Big Man
🇯🇵Baby Cats – “Atashi Ha Atashi”
🇰🇷pH-1 – “Yuppie Ting”
🇹🇭Artrilla – “คนในความทรงจำ (Memories)”
🇯🇵MonyHorse – “Susume feat. Nene & JP The Wavy”
🇵🇭Alex Bruce – “Ayoko Pa”
🇹🇭TINO – ” Big EBK”
🇯🇵Lunv Loyal – “Keep Runnin'”
🇵🇭Manila Grey – “Need It From You”
🇵🇭Shanti Dope – “Tricks”
🇯🇵🇰🇷4s4ki – “Freedom Kingdom feat. Swervy”
🇯🇵Nina Utashiro – “Nocturne”
🇹🇭NTC Youngwerkk – “Leaf Ona Blixk/New Opps”
🇲🇲🇺🇸LerMuDex – “NerLawEh 2”
🇯🇵Mion – ” Flyday”
🇫🇷🇻🇳J2lasteu- “Sterling Euro Dollars 3”
🇳🇵5:55 – “SAHI SAHI SAHI”
🇯🇵MINMI – “Bam Bam”
🇯🇵ralph – “Ridin’ Mode”
🇵🇭Ylona Garcia – “Vibin”