Digital Dash With Poss

Poss walks with a confident swagger into the cramped office draped in an oversized suit swinging a dinged-up briefcase. A middle-manager stops him at the door, happy to exercise what limited power he holds over this tiny corner space. Unphased, Poss flips open the briefcase, revealing his full worth. The manager switches his whole mood up, going from demeaning to fawning in a matter of seconds. Poss launches in rap mode, delivering the hook in his typically droning, chant-like pattern with verses in his laid-back, matter-of-fact cadence.

Poss – “No Cap feat. Coco”

“I wrote ‘No Cap’ about someone who’s overlooked,” the Blaq Lyte Digital artist says. “It’s for underrated people not being recognized how they should.” Although the office setting for the video came after the song was already finished, Poss says that it’s actually quite fitting for the lyrics and his personal background. “Before rap, I was working in an office, and I was not feeling it at all. I didn’t feel like my talents were recognized there.” They filmed “No Cap” on his 29th birthday in a friend’s office over the course of 12 hours with no air conditioning.

Poss grew up in the Ram Intra area of Bangkok and was expected to help his family’s business importing camera parts. Before his rapping days he studied business at university but hated. So he took a gap year and visited New York to learn English and experience the culture. “Hip hop is everywhere there, you hear it everywhere. It’s a part of everything,” Poss recalls. “Why wouldn’t people love hip hop?” He’d had a casual interest in rap since high school but was more interested in sneakers and basketball. The trip flipped those priorities for him. Although he still graduated, he was positive that office life would never satisfy him and he set his eyes on the rap game instead.

Poss ft. Maddieca$h – “Chicky”

By 2019 the Thai rap scene had hit full stride and The Rapper 2 was coming up. Poss had been writing in notebooks heavily and decided to audition for the show. He was accepted and made it to the fourth round. He also appeared on Show Me The Money, where he made it to the third round battle before being eliminated. “I was enjoying myself. It gave me a chance to keep writing and gave me a lot of extra motivation.” His first video appearance followed with dreambarcode’s “ไม่คุยด้วยจ้า,” which features a pre-fame Milli cameo.

Poss x Nicecnx x Jigsaw – “PULL UP” ( Prod. Bossa On The Beat )

Poss started working with Bossa On The Beat and when Blaq Lyte Digital signed him as producer, it was natural that Poss come along as well. His cut “Pull Up,” a bouncy, breezy track featuring Nicecnx and Jigsaw about a night out with the fam, was actually the first song the label signed, although it dropped a couple of releases later. “Most of my music is about cars,” Poss says. In fact his name is how Thais pronounce Porsche.

He’s been touring for the past couple of months now, traveling all over Thailand. He recently performed in Laos, where he says Thai rappers are treated like Korean stars. And he’ll be popping out to Cambodia with Jarvis, Coco, and Jigsaw for a show at club Central in Phnom Penh. Poss just performed at Rolling Loud Press Conference as well, which was his largest venue yet. Clearly, his value is being recognized now.