Viet Cyber Ninjas

Space men never looked this fresh. This outer space elite squadron is dipped in sleek black threads with a metallic shine. Designed by Vy Nguyen, the outfits are made with cotton spandex for the inner shirt and stuffed parachute fabric for the jacket, featuring draw strings on the sides of the pants.

Nguyen says she drew a total of twenty sketches before settling on one for the final design. “I’ve been interested in the future since I was very young,” she says. “I couldn’t get away from it and have always envisioned myself living in that world.” So she combined the idea of ninjas with some science fiction vibes and landed on this concept of a cyber ninja. With the help of an editorial shoot by Dư Uyển Như and some accessories by Error 404 Studioz, she launched her vision straight into a new timeline unbound by Earthly limits.

“Vietnamese youth fashion is extremely diverse,” Nguyen says. “It’s not constricted in any way.” She’s from Da Lat city but moved to Saigon to study fashion at university and is currently a junior. The hair and makeup was done by Hoàng Duy with tailoring by Vo Hoang Long. The model is Hiếu Phạm.