Sailor Jerry, Meet Naga

Chunky Sailor Jerry lines and shapes, Buddhist references, warm colors, angular scripts, and a pan-Asian outlook. This is the work of Nut Praditsilp, a Bangkok-based illustrator and tattoo artist.

His style is deeply rooted in Thai culture, populated by Naga serpents, monks, and sak yant flourishes. Even his color schemes, which burn with yellows, oranges, and reds, are an homage to his home. “This is local Bangkok style, you can only find it here,” he explains, motioning to the temples and shrines that dot the city. “I feel that these colors represent Asia.”

Praditsilp looks abroad to the rest of Asia for inspiration as well, drawing on South- and East-Asian culture. Sanskrit is common in his work, as are Neo-traditional Japanese animals.

All of these references are pooled together into an overall Buddhist theme. He takes the religion seriously and was even ordained for a short time: “Luckily I got a good teacher and the meditation I learned has helped me a lot with my work. It gives me a lot of ideas!”

He’s from Samut Prakan province, studied art at Rangsit University, and has been doing tattoos for three years. “My second year tattooing I started to draw more flash work alongside my illustrations and it resulted in a lot more work. Eventually people starting asked me for my original designs for custom tattoos.” He’s an artist and manager at Common Ground Tattoo, so go catch him there!