We Create The Future

Did you pull up to the our soft opening for Future Factory this weekend? Whether you did or not, if you you know us, you know it was litty. Food, drinks, clothes, music. All of that. We finally opened the doors to our brand spanking new outdoor community: two floors featuring bars, khartoum drinks, a tattoo shop, a taco stand, a salon, and more.

We also invited a number of local brands to set up shop and they brought lots of hard to find pieces and a number of vintage items. A lot of big names popped up on stage too. At the peak of the night we had Diamond MQT, Daboyway, Younguu, and bossman Motley Flower. Earlier in the day our very own Blaq Lyte DJs got the crowd moving. Our crowd was beautiful, too! You all looked great, we love you! If you missed this one, there will be more soon, so don’t wallow in the FOMO too much. Big up! (All images by Kaoru.)